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Haṭha Vidyã Teacher Training 


300 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training

The format of our 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program is designed to facilitate students in acquiring a comprehension of the essence of yoga and its fundamental practices. We focus on the subtle principles and concepts underlying the methods of practices as per traditional texts. The 300 Hrs YTT program is accredited by World yoga Federation. Upon successful completion of the course, one can be a Certified Yoga Teacher. This course is ideal for individuals who are genuinely interested in exploring the practice of yoga and wish to begin their journey on this road


500 Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training

The 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training program empowers instructors to fully internalize and embody their knowledge. This resource delves into advanced yogic techniques and provides deep insight into ancient texts. Accreditation from World yoga federation strengthens the qualifications of Yoga Teachers and fosters a profound comprehension of the subject.


Master class (900 Hrs.)

The Master Class is a unique course offered at HathaVidya to students who are handpicked by the Acharya himself, based on the level of understanding and expertise in yogic practices, that the students have developed over the years. The successful completion of the 300hrs. and 500hrs. Yoga Teacher Training from HathaVidya, is a pre-requisite for enrolling in the Master Class. The Master Class course at HathVidya is a natural progression for a teacher, after the completion of the 300 and 500hrs YTT courses, if they are looking at witnessing all the knowledge that they have accumulated in the previous 800hrs, be put to practical use; and if they are seeking 13/15 to make yoga a way of life for them.

What makes this Master Class different?

This course is extremely individualised, based on each student's capabilities and situations in life that they are in at the time; which goes a long way in determining the set of practices to be followed by each. The Acharya gauges each student personally and guides them accordingly.

Course Features 

  1. Total duration - 900hrs spread over 12months

  2. Course material is supplied, which includes - relevant yogic texts, notebook, practice diary

  3. Access to workshops conducted in the duration of the course

  4. Special offer for retreats

  5. Free subscription to our quarterly E- Magazine

  6. Placement opportunity in all our centres across the globe (conditions apply)


Overview of the course curriculum


  1. Preparation for Kundalini kriya

  2. kundalini kriya

  3. extensive theory sessions led by our Acharya Bala, decoding and deciphering the relevant yogic texts.



Special Teacher Training Programs

Specialised Yoga Teacher training programs post completion of 300 Hrs & 500Hrs. Yoga Teacher Training.


Kids Yoga Teacher Training

The Kids Yoga Teacher's Training Program acknowledges the distinct methodology required for instructing young children. The curriculum and methodology are designed to cater to specific factors such as age and state of mind, ensuring a thorough and complete understanding. By completing the program, teachers will gain the necessary skills and knowledge to teach Yoga to children of different ages and conditions. They will also have the chance to gain practical experience at our center.


Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training

Haṭha Vidyã Traditional School of Yoga offers extensive pre- and post-natal yoga teacher training. These courses combine traditional and modern yoga teachings to prepare aspiring instructors to lead pregnant women through safe and effective yoga practices. Using specialized methods, people learn to promote physical, mental, and spiritual health during pregnancy and postpartum, creating a comprehensive maternal healthcare approach.


Yoga Terapy Teacher Training

As with any treatment, yoga therapy has limitations and does not solve all problems. Asanas alone won't assist because yoga therapy is a combination of practices taught by a qualified teacher. Only those who have experienced the underlying mechanics of particular activities may grasp how different ways affect different people. As mentioned before, all physical disorders are caused by mental aggravation, therefore treating merely the physical body may not assist. Practices should promote a positive attitude on life, including physical and mental hygiene.

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