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Yoga For Kids


"Discover the joy of yoga with our specially designed classes for kids! Through playful activities and gentle movements, children learn mindfulness, develop strength, and foster a lifelong love for healthy living."

Hatha Yoga designed specifically for children.

When it comes to the education that one receives in yoga, the same principle applies as it does to the foundation that one's early education serves as for the rest of their life. Because of the fact that children have innate instincts, yoga is simple for them to comprehend. Through the practice of yoga, children can develop a sense of responsibility, physical strength, and balance. Yoga is best introduced to children at a young age because it is most effective in fostering these qualities. The goal of our Kids Yoga classes, which are geared specifically toward children between the ages of 5 and 13, is to assist them in the process of cultivating a consistent practice that will eventually become an essential component of their way of life. Every child in our class receives individualized attention that is tailored to their specific capabilities because we use a traditional individualized approach. This technique ensures that every child receives the attention they deserve.

 Basic Level

Our course follows a traditional one-to-one teaching method, ensuring personalized attention for each child. The curriculum is tailored to the individual needs and capabilities of the students, allowing them to learn at their own pace and according to their unique abilities

Benefits of Yoga for Children
Using Yoga to Promote Children's Development
Children who participate in our Kids Yoga programs have the chance to be inspired to achieve their full potential and encouraged to realize their own potential. We are committed to building resilience, balance, and flexibility from an early age in order to provide the foundation for a strong, intelligent, and aware future. Furthermore, we are committed to helping our organizations become more flexible.
Benefits of Yoga for Children
Nishṭha : Bringing about a positive change in your child
The foundation of Hatha Yoga is the approach that forms the basis of the Nishṭha curriculum. Children's overall well-being, resilience, and discipline are the main lessons it aims to impart. The curriculum prioritizes traditional teaching methods, one-on-one instruction, and trained instructors who have been approved by Yoga Alliance International. Through the participation of children in this program, which helps them to build physical strength, balance, and mental resilience, a strong foundation for a future that is healthy, empowered, and conscious is formed. According to the core teachings of Hatha Yoga, "Nishṭha" denotes a commitment to fostering deep personal growth and establishing moral precepts in the minds of youth.

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