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The term “Hatha Vidya” translates to the wisdom of Yoga. In Sanskrit, ‘Hatha’ comprises ‘ha’ (representing vital energy or the sun) and ‘tha’ (meaning the moon, symbolizing mental energy). Hatha Vidya synchronizes these energies, fostering a balanced state of mind. As the purest and most traditional form, Hatha Vidya is the initial step towards enhancing psycho-physiological well-being. It empowers practitioners to control the mind through the body. Starting with simple asanas, it involves thorough cleansing using Shad Karma Kriyas. This prepares the body for advanced practices like Kumbhaka Padhathi (Pranayama). Mudras and Bandhas further aid in exploring Nadaanusandhan, a meticulous journey towards physical and spiritual bliss.

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What is Haṭhavidya  

About Our Acharya

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Hatha Vidya Gurukulam and Traditional Yoga founder Acharya Bala is chairman. At the Sivananda Ashram's Vedanta Forest Academy in Rishikesh, Acharya began his yoga journey. He has traveled far throughout India to find the truth. He was fortunate to learn from various famous Gurukula professors about the Yogic path. During his journey, he joined traditional Yoga institutes. He met his Tamil Nadu Guru H.H. Srividyamba Saraswathi in 2006 and was initiated into Natha. He started Hatha Vidya Gurukulum in Kerala, India, in 2008 with his Guru to teach yoga to all levels. Hatha Vidya's publication division, Thapobhoomi, is edited by Acharya Bala. Books, magazines, and writings of Thapobhoomi illuminate Yoga and Tantra. He wrote publications on children's yoga training to advance the area and education. These books are scientific. Yoga Alliance International named Acharya Bala GCC Director in 2021.

Practice Yoga


Practicing yoga has never been easier! With our online platform, you can access classes anytime, anywhere. Whether you're a beginner an experienced yogi, our classes are designed to help you improve your flexibility, strength, and overall well-being. Join us today and start your yoga journey!

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A true location from which one can obtain the authentic experience of Yoga by means of mental and physical purification, Thapobhoomi derives its name from the words thapas (penance) and bhoomi (land). The utmost level of mental and physical bliss is attained through the practice of such yogic techniques.This purification procedure has been completed on the sacred ground of Pazhayannur, situated along the banks of the "Gayathri River" in Thrissur, Kerala. "Thapobhoomi" is therefore an appropriate appellation for this haven of tranquility and calm. Scholars assert that Muneeshvaran, a Shaivite ascetic, attained enlightenment through meditation on this land many years ago. Folklore in the village of Pazhayannur recounts his mystic exploits. Following this great Sage's departure, it lapsed into obsolescence and was subsequently appropriated by Mother Nature.




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