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Yoga Therapy

Experience holistic healing and rejuvenation with specially designed yoga therapy sessions. Discover the transforming potential of yoga to ease physical pain, lower stress levels, and bring mind, body, and spirit back into harmony.


Overview of Yoga Therapy Fundamentals : 

Hatha yoga is a kind of yoga that prioritizes whole body purification, with the secondary objective of offering the practitioner therapeutic benefits. In certain groups, Hatha Yoga is also called "traditional yoga." It is a means to achieve enlightenment on a personal level, but it is also a vital practice to guarantee preservation of one's health to the degree that preservation is required. The fact that hindsight has been shown to be useful in the eradication of a wide range of illnesses and anomalies is one benefit that comes with it.

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Women's healthcare

Through the principles of Hatha Yoga, women can achieve optimal well-being by engaging in nurturing practices that promote radiant health and restore equilibrium to both the body and mind. The seamless integration of physical postures, breath control, and internal concentration cultivates innate beauty and overall wellness.

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Post-Accident Rehabilitation

Hatha Yoga serves as a promising solution for individuals seeking recovery after an accident. The transformative practices of this approach facilitate the healing of both the body and mind, providing strength, resilience, and a pathway to restored well-being.

Psychological well-being

Hatha Yoga provides a refuge for the rehabilitation of mental health. The combination of controlled breathing and physical poses in yoga provides a sense of comfort to the mind, allowing for the restoration of inner balance and the promotion of healing.

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Hospice care

We provide During the final stages of life, palliative care can be found in the comforting practice of hatha yoga. The practice of asanas, the control of breath, and the state of serenity are closely connected, providing a sense of comfort and peace. May the radiance of yoga guide the way with elegance.

Why Hathavidya's Yoga therapy :

Our 'Yoga Therapy' program's curriculum has been thoughtfully designed to maintain the authenticity of the conventional method. It is not the purpose of this text to offer guidance on how to care for sick people. Rather, it provides a revealing viewpoint to help educators better support children with a range of illnesses, challenges, or circumstances whether they are doing physical postures or exercises.
Three eminent Indian luminaries will be joining our teaching faculty as guest lecturers, adding to our already impressive corps. They will assist Acharya Bala in guiding our pupils, guaranteeing a smooth transition between each level. The professional credentials of any yoga teacher are enhanced by the endorsement of Yoga Alliance International for our yoga therapy courses.

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