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500 Hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

The primary objective of the 500Hrs Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program is to assist Yoga instructors in solidifying and internalizing their knowledge and skills. The curriculum is considered advanced due to its coverage of intricate yogic practices and its emphasis on developing profound understanding of ancient yogic writings that enhance and reinforce the subject matter being studied. The 500 Hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) program we provide is approved by the World Yoga Federation, enhancing the credentials of any Yoga Teacher who completes it.

Course Duration & Schedule

The full course duration is for 8 months (500 hours) which will comprise 32-weekend sessions. Besides daily practice sessions are available for the students on weekdays. The 500Hrs AYTT program is offered twice a year.

Suitability and Considerations for this Course

Prior completion of our 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) program is required in order to enroll in our 500-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (AYTT) program. This course is designed for individuals who wish to enhance their understanding of yogic practices and advance in their yoga journey.


1st Phase

2nd Phase

3rd Phase

4th Phase

Depending on the Practitioners' advancement and the atmospheric conditions

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