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12 Years of Sadhana

Whatever sound the practitioner hears with both hands closed, the mind should remain steadied there until the ideal steady state of mind is reached.

Unveiling Yourself: A 12-Year Sadhana Journey at Hathavidya

Imagine a twelve-year journey of transformation. This is the core of the Hathavidya Traditional School of Yoga's devotional Sadhana. Spiritual practice, or sadhana, leads you step-by-step through an exploration of breathing exercises (pranayama), physical positions (asanas), and meditation methods. A peek of this incredible voyage can be found here:


(300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training):

The groundwork has been done. Acquiring proficiency in fundamental asanas with accurate alignment and breath control helps you build a strong and flexible body. Simple pranayama methods like the triumphant breath, or Ujjayi, increase lung capacity and concentration. Present-moment awareness is cultivated through gentle meditation techniques.

(500-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training):

Your proficiency increases. Asanas explore more difficult versions that put your flexibility and balance to the test. You explore the energetic components of poses and learn how they affect the chakras (energy centers). The body is cleansed and energized by advanced pranayama methods like Kapalbhati (skull-shining breath). Using a repeating sound, mantra meditation helps to further calm the mind.


Your asana practice turns inward, with an emphasis on subtle energy flow and inward sensations. Mastery of advanced pranayama methods leads to an exploration of their impact on the neurological system and consciousness. The methods of meditation are improved, maybe by adding visualization exercises.

Tantra Sadhana:

Asanas become instruments for self-inquiry while retaining their strength and flexibility. Higher realms of awareness are awakened and inner serenity is cultivated through advanced pranayama practices. Meditation explores sophisticated techniques meant to bring about self-realization.


This is a serious discipline that goes beyond the mat. You apply the lessons of yoga to your everyday existence. Pure, light foods are emphasized in a sattvic diet. Thoughts and deeds are guided by ethical behavior (yamas and niyamas). Seva, or selfless service, binds you to the larger good.

Course Details

Yoga Sadhana (6 Years)

Phase 1

6 Months

8 Months

12 Months

**2 Months Additional

Phase 2

18 Months

12 Months

12 Months

**2 Months Additional

Tantra Sadhana (6 Years)

Phase 3

3 Years

3 Years

**2 Months Additional

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