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Our tailored pre- and postnatal yoga classes will nurture your journey into motherhood, fostering calm, strength, and a closer relationship with your evolving body. Accept the transformational potential of yoga to help you both before and after the amazing experience of giving birth.

Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Pre Natal Yoga

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Our Prenatal Yoga lessons at Hatha Vidya are tailored to nourish both the expectant mother and her unborn child since we recognize the special requirements of expecting moms. Our programs, which are grounded in traditional knowledge and updated for contemporary times, provide a comprehensive approach to prenatal care, emphasizing the advantages of conventional yoga practices.

Principal Advantages

* Physical Harmony: Poses that improve strength, comfort, and flexibility while addressing typical pregnant discomforts

* Emotional Resilience: Stress reduction is supported by pranayama and meditation, which cultivates an optimistic mindset.

* Community Connection: Classes give pregnant women a safe place to meet, talk about their experiences, and form a network.

* Labor Preparation: Breath control and relaxation are the main focuses of yoga practices, which help moms be ready for the physical demands of giving birth.

Hatha Vidya is aware of the significant influence a healthy mother's environment has on the developing kid. Our sessions use peaceful yoga poses to establish a quiet intrauterine environment, which benefits the child's brain development.

Come celebrate motherhood with us, as positive energy flows from mother to child, creating a quiet and secure environment.

"Preserving Yoga for Generations" is the motto of Hatha Vidya.



Prenatal yoga increases flexibility, aiding the body's adaptability during the changes of pregnancy and childbirth.



It helps reduce stress levels and encourages relaxation through controlled, mindful breathing exercises.



Improved circulation due to gentle movements helps diminish swelling and fluid retention often experienced during pregnancy.


Respiratory training

Breathing techniques learned in prenatal yoga are valuable during labor, promoting focus and pain management.



The practice nurtures a deeper emotional connection between the expecting mother and her unborn child

Post Natal Yoga

The postpartum phase and the months that follow are extremely sensitive and difficult for a new mother. Not only does giving birth to a child require nine months of pregnancy, but the entire experience is very stressful on the body, mind, and emotions. It may be incredibly taxing and difficult to take on the new duty of a 24-hour caregiver for a newborn whose body is already compromised due to irregular sleep habits.In order to properly handle the enormous responsibility of raising a child while taking good care of 


oneself, appropriate and genuine guidance is required at this time. This will allow one to calm the mind in addition to healing the body gradually but steadily.
Our practices at Hatha Vidya are carefully chosen to meet the unique requirements of new mothers, whose bodies have just recovered from giving birth. This entails modest strengthening exercises targeted at the weakening of the pelvic and core muscles as a result of carrying the pregnancy and the birth process, as well as easy stretches to release the tense muscles from caring for a baby around-the-clock. To quiet the mind and body and create a certain harmony inside the being, this is then combined with simple breathing, relaxation, and meditation techniques.

Furthermore, it is crucial that all of this be taught under the direction of qualified instructors, as our center does. This is due to the fact that while appropriate procedures may greatly facilitate and expedite the healing process, anything done in error or haste may negatively impact the new mother's health and therefore the child's as well.

    No matter your location   join us worldwide in yoga

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