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Pranayama class in United kingdom (Great Britain Yoga class)

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Traditional Hatha yoga in the British capital is a great way to relax and find your inner strength. To improve your overall health, flexibility, balance, and serenity, immerse yourself in traditional practices. Discover a haven in the middle of London and begin to set loose on a path to a more vibrant you through self-discovery and transformation.


Haṭhavidya Traditional School of Yoga

Yoga philosophy in England

We at Haṭhavidya want to make your life more balanced and joyful. Each level can choose from a wide range of classes that use old and traditional methods. You need to add more value and peace to your daily life.“Haṭha Vidya” means Yoga wisdom. In Sanskrit, ‘Haṭha’ means the sun or vital energy and ‘tha’ means the moon or mental energy. Through Haṭha Vidya, these two energy flows are synchronized, promoting mental balance.Hathavidya encourages balance, awareness, and inner harmony, and it gives its followers a safe place to discover the depths of their physical, mental, and spiritual health. People are welcome to join Hathavidya on a journey of self-discovery, strength, and deep change, led by experienced teachers and backed by a lively community. Hathavidya is a shining example of how to achieve complete health and deep inner peace, whether you are looking for mental clarity, physical healing, or spiritual knowledge.


Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga class in Dundee

Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance International. These programs are conducted in multiple phases, encompassing sessions on Yoga asanas, various cleansing processes, relaxation techniques, meditation practices, theoretical understanding, and textual studies. Upon successful completion of our teacher training course, individuals have the opportunity to join our teaching faculty, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.


12 Years of Sadhana 

Yoga for corporates

As individuals progress through various life stages, engaging in innate human behaviors, they encounter a range of diverse emotions. They experience moments of happiness and sadness, but can only take control of their lives once they have fully exhausted their prarabhda karmas. To completely eliminate the effects of Prarabhda karma, one must engage in consistent practice, maintain discipline


Regular Classes

Yoga in dundee

We adapt education depending on every student's age, physiological condition, past Yoga experience, and medical history, even if they practice in a group. The approach we use prohibits more than 16 students per teacher. This assures we deliver one-on-one attention per tradition. online & Offline Class Available 


Yoga Philosophy

English Yoga classes in uk

An Introduction to Yoga PhilosophyYogic texts must be understood theoretically to supplement yoga practices. Theory and practice are insufficient without each other.The theory has multiple interpretations, but the only way to understand the practices is to learn under a famous master. With this level of comprehension, texts may be used as references whenever needed.

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Yoga for Kids

seniors yoga in England

Childhood education builds the groundwork for life, and yoga instruction is no exception. Children pick up yoga quickly because of their innate tendencies. Introducing yoga at a young age promotes responsibility, strength, and balance. For children ages 5 to 13, our Kids Yoga programs encourage consistent practice as a way of life. 


Special Programes

Advanced Yoga teacher training for Engalnd

Experience our wide range of services, including corporate yoga sessions, parental yoga, yoga for elders, and compassionate palliative care programs, all designed to cater to the specific requirements of each individual on their path to well-being.


Change your life with our exhilarating yoga program! Our YouTube channel features inspirational workouts that seamlessly integrate strength, flexibility, and mindfulness. Improve your health with expert guidance, engaging routines, and a supportive community. Join our yoga class today to improve your mental and physical health! The Yoga Revolution #WellnessJourney

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We regularly host courses that explore the deeper facets of yoga and help close the knowledge gap between theory and practice.



Retreats with Hathavidya Yoga combine guided yoga practises with the tranquility of natural surroundings to provide a life-changing experience. 

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"Discover Hathavidya's upcoming events, where ancient wisdom meets modern practice. Join us for transformative workshops, retreats, and gatherings, embracing mindfulness, asanas, and community connection for holistic wellness."



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  • What is the concept of health management in the practice of yoga?
    Yoga's approach to health management encompasses the regular practice of asanas (physical postures), pranayama (breathing exercises), and meditation. These practices aim to sustain overall well-being by addressing physical, mental, and emotional aspects. The program emphasizes holistic methods to prevent illness, promote equilibrium, and improve overall well-being through mindful physical activity, breath mindfulness, and relaxation methods.
  • How effective is yoga in improving the health of individuals with different medical conditions?
    Yoga has demonstrated efficacy in enhancing the well-being of individuals with diverse medical conditions. Research suggests that it has numerous advantages in the management of chronic pain, stress reduction, blood pressure reduction, increased flexibility, and overall well-being enhancement. Nevertheless, the outcomes can differ based on the person's health status, commitment to regular practice, and the particular yoga methods utilized.
  • What distinguishes HathaVidya from other yoga schools?
    HathaVidya places importance on conventional teachings, with a specific focus on the comprehensive growth of the mind, body, and spirit through the practice of yoga.
  • What are the fundamental tenets of HathaVidya?
    HathaVidya focuses on the incorporation of asanas, pranayama, meditation, and philosophy to enhance physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.
  • What are the different categories of classes offered by HathaVidya?
    HathaVidya provides a diverse range of classes, encompassing beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, alongside specialized workshops and teacher training programs.
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