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Science Of Breath


Breathing is both the initial and final action of life. Indeed, our entire survival on Earth is contingent upon our ability to breathe. Regrettably, a significant majority of us now lack the knowledge and understanding required to perform it appropriately.The term 'prana' refers to the vital energy that exists inside each individual, while 'ayama' is a Sanskrit word that denotes the act of regulating or managing this energy. Therefore, Pranayama refers to the act of regulating the life force or vital energy that exists inside us.

Respiration is the tangible expression of the underlying subtle energy. Therefore, in order to exert control over the prana, it is imperative to start with regulating our breath.

In this workshop, our experienced Acharya Bala will provide profound insights into the Science of Breath. This includes various techniques to regulate the breath, which, when practiced regularly, not only benefit the physical body but also contribute to achieving a state of equanimity in the mind. This state of mind is the ultimate objective for all individuals on a spiritual path.

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