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Yoga Alliance International has officially recognized and approved our yoga teacher training program. It includes multiple stages, such as yoga postures, purification techniques, methods for relaxation, practices for meditation, and theoretical understanding. Once graduates meet the eligibility criteria, they can join our faculty. Kindly visit our career page for additional details. This program consists of two sections, which include 300 and 500 hours.

Yoga Teachers Training

  • Our Yoga Teacher Training Courses are accredited by Yoga Alliance International. Teacher Training programs are delivered in different phases – each phase includes sessions of Yoga asanas, different types of cleansing processes, relaxation techniques, meditation techniques, theory and textual understanding. We believe that only those who have a thorough knowledge of all the above, can sincerely impart training to others.

    We offer the following teacher training programs:

    • 300 Hrs YTT 
    • 500 Hrs AYTT 
    • Kids YTT 
    • Pre/Post Natal YTT 
    • Yoga Therapy TT 

    We provide opportunities for those who successfully complete our teacher training course to become a part of our teaching faculty, subject to meeting the eligibility requirements.

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