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Hatha Yoga is a discipline that focuses on completely purifying the body and mind, resulting in therapeutic benefits as a secondary outcome. It serves as a means to achieve personal enlightenment and is also an essential practice for maintaining good health. In hindsight, it has proven to be efficacious in eradicating numerous diseases and abnormalities.

Special Yoga therapy & Health Management

  • Yoga therapy operates in four dimensions: preventive, curative, adjuvant, and palliative. This course is divided into two segments, each lasting 8 months. 500-hour Foundation Course on Yoga Therapy Intensive Yoga Therapy Course (500 hours) The curriculum for our 'Yoga Therapy' program has been carefully crafted to preserve the integrity of the traditional approach. This course does not aim to instruct on the treatment of individuals with illnesses. Instead, it provides an enlightening approach to assist teachers in effectively managing students who have various ailments, difficulties, and conditions while engaging in physical postures or exercises. Three illustrious dignitaries from India will be joining our teaching faculty as guest lecturers. They, along with Acharya Bala, will collectively provide guidance to the students, ensuring a progressive transition from one phase to another. The yoga therapy courses we offer are accredited by Yoga Alliance International, enhancing the credentials of any yoga teacher who completes them. Duration and Schedule of the Course The foundation course has a duration of 8 months, equivalent to 500 hours, and will consist of 32 weekend sessions. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in daily practice sessions on weekdays. To obtain further information regarding the schedule and upcoming sessions, kindly click on the following link: Relevance and Factors to Consider for this Course Completion of 300 hours in the foundation program and 500 hours in the advanced program. Prior completion of our teacher training program is a requirement for enrollment in the 500 Hour Foundation Level on Yoga Therapy course. Medical practitioners who have completed either a 200-hour or 300-hour yoga teacher training are eligible for specific criteria.

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