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Essence of YogicPractices

In tradition speaks we try to explore traditional yogic texts to provide insights on the messages conveyed beyond the literal meaning of the verses. Worldwide, Yoga has gained significant prominence, though mainly from a health and mental well-being perspective. Among the traditional Hatha Yogic practices asanas and pranayama are particularly popular.

These days we get to see many ‘modernized’ version of traditional practices.The widespread so-called fusion practices does indicate there is a large misunderstanding on the idea behind Yogic practices. People pursue Yoga for various reasons wherein many resort for health benefits, some for mental wellbeing, some pursue for siddhis (psychic powers) and material benefits, and there are also true seekers. In reality, what is it intended for? In this edition of Tradition Speaks, we will throw some light on an important verse from Gheranda Samhita, one of the classic texts on Hatha Yoga which will help us better understand the context and purpose behind the yogic practices.

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