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Bhutasuddhi - The Inner Purification

Many of us are familiar with 'Ashtanga' yoga, which refers to the Eightfold Path of Yoga. However, it is worth noting that the majority of Ashtanga yogasanas are also included in Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is a kind of yoga that follows the principles of 'Chaturanga' yoga, which consists of four limbs. The whole explanation of this topic may be found in Swami Svatmarama's 'Hatha Yoga Pradipika', which is considered one of the most important works on Hatha yoga currently available. This work is highly relevant for anybody who is interested in understanding the precise scientific principles and techniques underlying Hatha yoga.The 'Gherenda Samhita' is  significant literature in Hatha Yoga that introduces the concept of 'Saptanga yoga' or the Seven limbs of yoga. It is written as a dialogue between Sage Gherenda and his disciple, Chanda Kapali.

Bahya Shuddi, or external cleaning, aims to remove pollutants that originate inwardly within the body. Antarika Shuddi refers to the process of purifying oneself inside by eliminating impurities that arise from external influences, namely the ignorance induced by the sense organs. The impurities of Antahkaranas are predominantly influenced and affected by the unfavorable circumstances that originate from external sources through the sense organs. The objective of inner cleansing is to enhance the quality of the Antahkaranas, which encompass the Manas (mind), Bhuddi (intellect), Ahankara (ego), and Chitta (self-consciousness). The concept of Antahkaranas holds greater significance and value compared to Bahya Shuddi, mostly due to its delicate and superior characteristics. Inner cleansing needs greater vigilance and endurance compared to exterior purification. While it is necessary to clean the exterior body on a regular basis, the purification of the antahkaranas, which pertains to the inner self, is much more important and necessary. The reason for this is that only by purifying one's Atahkaranas can one attain and enlighten their own Atma Chaintanyam, which refers to their inner light or self-consciousness. Hence, it is necessary to engage in frequent rituals to purify the Antahkaranas. Bhutashuddi, also known as Bhuta Samharam, is the practice of implementing and achieving inner cleansing objectives as outlined in the yoga sastras and tantra practices.

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