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Sage Patanjali in PYS II-43 says "Kayendriyasiddhih ashuddhikshayat tapasah", the purification of body along with sensory organs can be achieved by adopting proper Tapas (Austerity). The role of mind in the creation of health and disease has been well emphasized in ancient Indian texts. Moreover, the phases of the moon are said to influence the emotions of a person and thus can indirectly affect the health of a person. The modern world is also realizing these links and hence there is a surge of detox- ification programs everywhere.

A unique rejuvenation program, Chandrayanam is an ancient Indian austerity practice observed to reduce impurities in body and mind, followed on the basis of the lunar cycle. Two lunar cycles exist full moon to full moon and new moon to new moon.Full moon to full moon cycle represents the 'Pipilika' or ant.


 If Chan- drayanam is followed during this cycle the yogis would eat 15 morsels of food on the first day which would steadily reduce in quantity till the 15th day on that day they would fast. The quantity of food would be increased slowly again from the 16th day till it reached 15 mor- sels on the full moon (30th day).

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