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900 Hrs - Master Class

Hatha Vidya offers a Master Class biennially, specifically for students chosen by the Acharya. The selection criteria are determined by the candidates' practical experience and their qualifications for the course.

What are the additional eligibility criteria?

The Master Class, which lasts for a year, is open to practitioners who meet the requirements for understanding and proficiency in yoga as determined by the Acharya. To take part in this Master Class, students must have successfully finished the Hatha Vidya Yoga Center's 300- and 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training Courses (TTC).To further develop their proficiency in the study of yoga, students who have at least two years of experience in the practice are welcome to participate in this course. This course is intended for educators who are eager to learn more about the practice of yoga and apply it to their everyday life, rather than those who are preparing to become teachers.

What sets this Master Class apart?

The curriculum is based on Saadhana. This Master Class does not operate in a group setting with a set schedule and curriculum. Instead, it takes an individualistic approach. Individuals receive specific instruction on how to incorporate Yoga into their lives.

What is the length of time for this Master Class?

This is an intensive one-year training schedule that will involve a total of 900 hours. There are four Yoga Saadhana Retreats, each with a duration of three days. The Yoga retreats offered are unique compared to the commercially marketed ones, since they prioritize yoga practice rather than sightseeing or leisure activities. Instead, the retreats involve intensive practice sessions from morning to evening, during which participants maintain full stillness (Mauna) for the whole duration. Practitioners must maintain a personal practice diary to record their activities and experiences over the course of the year.

Syllabus at a Glance


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